MICRO Series  6'3 Spin 4-6kg 1pc 

Overhead or Spin Version: Spin
Colour Options: Royal Blue with Silver accents

Cast weight range 10-50g   

This is a slow jig, specialty casting rod, built on a 6’3 graphite blank.  We have used this rod extensively, with slow jigs and softbaits and it is one of our favourites. Designed with” Microwave Line Control System” guides by American Tackle Company. This guide system allows for free running of the line through the guides creating less drag and friction enabling longer more efficient casting control, also converting  ‘pushing line energy’ through a guide ring to ‘pulling line energy” preventing the line from travelling beyond the larger stripper guide and thus  avoiding  wind knot tangles.  Finished with Fuji  GRC19 rounded rubber gimbal knock, longer butt length 15”, Fuji graphite trigger grip reel  seat on the overhead model and Alps graphite reel seat on the spin model.  Microwave guides, and signature Offshore Custom Basketweave.