New Offshore Custom Sword/Game Rod

Our latest Sword and Gamefishing Rod, a top of the line, class act.

Built on a Calstar 50-120lb E-Glass blank, with Winthrop Roller Guides and top, Alps Standup Bent Butt, and finished with black and gold bindings, this is a classy set up that has got the grunt to do the business.


About the Blank:

The fiberglass blank of choice by custom rod builders.  These traditional, high quality rod blanks have set the performance standard for anglers worldwide. The blank has an extra fast action, is 5'6, and finished in black.


About the Guides


The Excel Series of Roller Guides sports a new frame design developed from input by experienced rod builders and world class fishermen.

Every Roller Guide frame is precision machined out of solid aluminium bar and incorporates titanium Roller riding on two stainless steel, teflon sealing ball bearings. Bearings are marine greased and protected with delrin end caps that contain grease seals.  There are no welds, seams, bends, sheet metal or sharp edges to chafe the line in the Roller Guides.  Double wide wind-on opening to accommodate large leaders.

No metal-to-metal contact eliminates noise, vibration and premature wear.

With ample clearance, allowing large knots to pass through easily.


About the Trolling Butt

The curved standup Alps butts are CNC machined from 6061 -T6 marine grade aluminium then given a hard anodized coating, with a "No Spin Pinning System" to lock the collar, hood and gimbal on your rod.